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About the lambswool jacketing collection

Soft Twist Lambswool

One of our famous exquisite lambswool fabrics, this two ply soft twist yarn is top dyed and spun in Huddersfield by the finest UK woollen spinner, it creates an array of fabulous melang colours to work with. Our highly skilled weavers take these yarns and weave them together without too much compaction, this keeps the soft to the touch feel.

The classic Herringbone eight shaft weave can be traced back to Celtic weavers thousands of years ago, yet with these yarns this traditional weave pattern can be used to great effect in contemporary clothing designs. The cloth is superbly soft when it emerges from the loom but becomes even more so when it if finished in our local waters renowned for their super softening qualities. This process is controlled by England’s premier finishing company just a few miles from our Mill. The combination of the best yarns available, our weaving techniques and the superb final processing result in a cloth of great character and style. The extensive palette of colours gives a great opportunity to express your imagination.

Classic cloth with startling softness. Feel free to contact us or pay us a visit at Upper Mills.