our donegal & shetland coatings!
About the donegal & Shetland coatings collection

Donegal & Shetland

Two of the most Iconic cloths from our island nation, both have a long heritage in the Gaelic coastal regions of the extreme fringes of this land. Both were people’s cloth, spun from locally collected wool in cottages using ancient skills passed down through the generations. The two yarns contain a richness and depth in structure and colour, the Donegal with its unique colourful variety of brilliant nep and slubs, then the Shetland with it variety of hue’s and melange colours so distinctive of this quality of fabric.

Both these yarns can be used to construct a great cloth with real character on their own, we set out to pull these two qualities into one cloth to create a distinctive coating weight, care has been taken to balance the firm quality and a soft finish, perfect for jacketing and overcoats. This quality is a hardwearing cloth that looks great and feels special, a cloth of real character.

The combination of these two yarns and weave formats gave us a wider range of effects and depths of colours than even we had anticipated, we decided not to restrict the numbers of colours in the usual way. These colours now offer the designer real variety to create brilliant finished garments, just think of the possibilities.

Distinctive character with strength.

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